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What does Tartan Kipper do?

Tartan Kipper is an eclectic shop based in the heart of Kinross, selling clothes (for women and men!)

jewellery, artwork, cards, homewares and more...

We stock a lot of locally made things; we believe in local talent and supporting that.

We also provide a pre-loved service, whereby you can earn a little bit of money

for some much-loved but barely-worn clothing.

Tartan Kipper hosts fashion shows and classes,

which you will find information on through here and social media.

We are delighted at Tartan Kipper to have moved premises into Tartan Kipper Lifestyle

on the high street, where customers can discuss design needs and ideas, plus have a browse!

Whether you'd like a beautiful, hand drawn and totally unique piece of artwork;

An innovative approach to your wedding or party;  a bespoke cardinvitation OR an individual look to your brand,

Tartan Kipper provides a UNIQUE and personalised service.


Totally original ideas for logos, personalised pictures, stationery, textiles,

table decoration, wine labels, and branding!


Pop in and say hello!

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